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Reflexion in Haiti - Loaves and Fishes by

Journal Notes

Loaves & Fishes

The overlying theme of this trip has been the story of Jesus feeding the masses with only a few loaves of bread and a few fish. Today was an awesome opportunity to share that with the Haitians and for us to be reminded that our small contributions can make life long differences here and at home.

We started the morning food packing. Headed to the MOH warehouse, we suited up with hairnets & gloves, and assumed our stations. 3 cups of sorghum, & 1 teaspoon of vitamin rice is heat sealed in the bottom portion of a plastic bag. Then, 1 cup of beans is added to the top of the bag and again heat sealed. The packages are labeled with dates, and sent in packs of 1,000 out to the schools and orphanages.

This was a fantastic opportunity for everyone in the group to work as a team and see how much we could do. We had fillers & sealers, we had label writers, stickers and stackers. In a short time, the difference 19 people made with a manual assembly line, and a few supplies was astounding:

1,112 bags sealed & labeled =
13,344 meals, or
143 orphans fed 3 meals a day for a month, or
667 students fed lunch for a month!

WOW. It doesn’t take much to make a huge difference and we couldn’t have been more excited to help!

Our afternoon marked our last day in the village of Simonette. Being our third day in this village, we have all formed relationship with the people. We know the children, men & women’s names, and have a deep love for the people. We are all seeing why God brought us here. Upon arriving, we split into groups and with the translators help, we rounded up about 50 children to come to the school for an afternoon “Vacation Bible School”. Aaron brought his guitar, the translators helped us sing in English & Creole, and Rick told the story to the children about Jesus, the bread and the fish. IT was a cool way that we all saw how our theme came full circle. The children loved it and several sat on Rick’s lap after to look at the picture bible we brought, written in Creole. It was a sad departure, as we said goodbye to new friends. Children cried and clung to us, the Village Champions were teary as they gave us heart felt thanks for our time, energy, and love we brought to them this week.

Feeling blessed to have had the opportunity to serve here in this country, the people are amazing, and receptive to Americans. They are visibly grateful for our time, energy and money, but most of all, encouraged each and every one of to bring the message of Haiti back to the US.
This nation needs so much love & support, but despite all of the hardships, they are some of the happiest people any of us has ever encountered.

Tomorrow is a beach day, and then time to head home. The days are long, but the week did fly by. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. Our amazing team has been healthy & happy.

Please pray for the Haitian people The sick or injured Haitians we have encountered on this trip -
Safe travels to the beach tomorrow & safe travels home
For our families at home

Simonete, Haiti

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