Scuba Diving in the Quirimbas Archipelago by

Journal Notes

I have spent years snorkeling around “the world’s greatest” dive sites but only recently found the nerve to dive. Hopping up the coast of Mozambique as divers emerged from the water, exhilarated by the thrill and the beauty, my curiosity spiked. As I reached the northern most point of my travels, I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and get certified in Pemba.

My teacher was a relaxed South African man, who was a firm believer in learning-by-doing. On our first day, I strapped on my gear and sunk to the bottom of a reef off the shores of Pemba. I anticipated terror, but was pleasantly surprised. The vibrant colours, the millions of fish, and the oddly calming inhale-exhale sound of the ventilator made our hour dive fly by. I surfaced calmer than I had been in weeks, and itching for my next dive.

For the next week, my days revolved around the rickety wood boat that dropped us out at various reefs throughout the Indian Ocean. For days, I swam through schools of fish, examined intricate and brightly coloured corals, cruised behind sea turtles and even saw a shark (a tiny shark, that is). Highlights included the vast wall that descended into a black ocean bottom, and the feeling of swimming through an aquarium in the shallow waters.

… I cannot wait for an opportunity for another dive!

Cost Info: Full scuba course was USD 500 and the double dives off of Ibo were USD 160. Bit expensive, but well worth it!

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