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Skating with a professional – Clara’s Oshawa visit by

Journal Notes

On March 21st from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., Clara gets the change to feel at home on the ice at the Oshawa Legends Center. This event will be led by Neil Hannam and the Mental Health Foundation “Ontario Shores”. Mr. Hannam is the Executive Director of the company and the community champion of the region.

The people of the city will be able to skate alongside their hero Clara Hughes. Her fans will also have the opportunity to receive information on mental health from Ontario Shores. There will also be activities for children, free hot chocolate and they will be visited by other celebrities. The Center for Mental Health, Ontario Shores has hosted several high caliber events such as this one. In the past year, it has also conducted public meetings with the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team as well as renowned doctors and politicians.

Oshawa is home to several attractions such as Parkwood National Historic Site, the Canadian Automobile Museum, General Motors Center, the Oshawa Military Museum and the Oshawa Shopping Center which is the largest shopping center in the Durham region.

Although accommodations are an important point of her stops, we are not made aware of the places that she will stop and sleep in each city that she visits. In very rural areas, she will even have to sleep in RVs and her Bell tour bus. However, in the case of this city of Oshawa visit, this type of accommodation will not be necessary. In fact, I think we can make a good assumption that The Conference Center of Ottawa Residences which are 5 minutes from the Legends Center is where she will be calling it home for the night! After all, these same accommodations have housed several other athletes and celebrities in the past.

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