Skydiving Over the Beach in Redcliffe Australia by

Journal Notes

I'd never been skydiving so I was pretty worried the day I woke up for my jump, not to mention the fact that I'm scared of heights. I had decided on the highest jump, 14 000 feet and I wanted a video too so I paid the $530,we geared up and were taken through a short briefing on what to do and how not to die, then we took the bus out to the airport.
I was surprisingly calm the whole way up on the plane ride but as the door flew open and jumpers started flying out the window my feelings changed. We shuffled forward quickly but only had a few seconds of sitting on the edge of the plane before we were flung out the side we were free falling !
What an amazing feeling. The wind was flying into my mouth making it hard to breath, we were tumbling all over the place but I've never felt so free or invigorated ever before. After all the crazy rolls we straightened out and I pulled myself into the banana shape and outstretched my arms like we'd been told in training.
After 60 seconds of free fall my instructor pulled the chute and we jerked up suddenly then slowed down to a calming float down to the ground for 5 minutes while I enjoyed the view.
We hit the ground with a thud with sand flying up my shorts but I was so happy to be back on solid earth again.
I thanked my instructor profusely for getting us back safe and we headed to the nearest cafe for a celebratory beer.
If you ever want to experience one of life's most exhilarating activities, give skydiving a go.

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