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Journal Notes

This past weekend, my girlfriends and I were lucky enough to attend the Santa Anita Wine Festival. Regular price on these VIP tickets were $120… so when we scored 50% off, we felt like we were getting a real bargain! For any of you who have never been to a Wine Festival before, let me first say – you have been missing out! Wine Festivals generally include some type of food sampling and of course lots and lots of wine… and let me assure you, the Santa Anita Wine Festival was no exception. When we checked-in we were given t-shirts, a map of wine and food vendors and an acrylic glass for our wine samplings. Right away we had figured out that there were more wineries than food vendors, so we decided to skip the long food line opting instead for the short “wine lines.” When you are wine tasting, you will preferably begin with white wines, moving onto the more complex red varietals as you move through the tasting. That is unless you aren’t one for following rules, in which case you should feel free to taste in any order your little heart desires (you rebel you). Some of the Festival highlights for me included Cline Winery’s Zinfandel, Zaca Mesa’s Syrah and Leticia’s Pinot Noir if you didn’t guess, I’m a California red wine gal. I should point out that the pours were BIG (4 oz.) at this event, as compared to the 1 oz. tastes you normally encounter. Once we got some wine in us, along with a few bites of the incredible Italian food samplings available - we were some pretty happy campers. So “happy” in fact that we almost forgot about the horse racing! I mean we were at Santa Anita and our festival ticket included entry into the Club House. What, we get to bet on horses too?! Needless to say, the day was just perfect, my girlfriends, fine wines (so many I had a hard time picking what to drink) and horse racing. Now I ask you, what could be better than that?

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