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The Blue Mountains in Australia should be on the top of everybody's travel destinations list. Picture the Grand Canyon, but with a tropical forest at the bottom. Instead of dry, brown rock, it's full of blues and greens and waterfalls. It's a truly breathtaking sight.
There is an air tram that crosses the valley, and the bottom is see-through so you can marvel at the magnificence below you. Once you get to the other side there are tons of foot paths that lead you to some of the most spectacular views. I'll never forget looking out on the mountains and seeing trees stretch on for what looked like forever.
The Blue Mountains are also home to The Three Sisters. According to aboriginal legend, a witch doctor turned the three sisters into stone in order to protect them. They had been forbidden to marry men from another tribe and these men refused to accept it. They captured the sisters and a major tribal battle ensued. The witch doctor cast the spell to keep them from danger and he had intended to reverse it after the battle, but he was killed. He was the only one that could reverse the spell, and so they stand there today a reminder of the battle for generations to come. It's a beautiful sight, and it's crazy to witness a legend.
Not only can you fly across the top, you can also ride a train into the rainforest on the steepest passanger railway in the world. It's a 52 degree inclince and once you're let off you have an amazing walk ahead of you. It's everything you want a tropical rainforest to be. My family and I spent as much time as we could down there, partly because the trees blocked all the wind.
Yes, it was winter for Australia and the altitude we were at only added to the cold. The wind was brutal and sometimes I could hardly see because my hair was constantly blowing in my face. But I wouldn't trade the experience for the world. My travel tips for you are: go see the Blue Mountains, ride the air tram, ride the railway, take pictures, and most importantly, enjoy the experience.

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