Travel Tips – Encore at Las Vegas, Nevada by

Journal Notes

My hubby and I recently returned from a quick two-night weekend trip to Las Vegas. We splurged a little and decided to stay at Steve Wynn's second Las Vegas luxury hotel, Encore. I was able to book a Resort King Suite through a special winter e-mail offer sent to Wynn Red Card members which made our stay even more fabulous and a surprisingly good value. Upon our arrival Encore's efficient and cordial front desk staff quickly checked us in and within 5 minutes (no long lines here) we were headed to “The Tower.” The elevator lobbies and hallways throughout the Towers are modern with bold colors. Once inside, the actual suite looked exactly like the hotel’s website photos with modern, clean decor and great amenities that make you feel like you’re in a luxurious loft apartment. These suites are large by any standards (at about 750 sq ft.) and very well-designed with floor-to ceiling glass windows that make the suite seem even more spacious! The bathrooms are lavish and include soaker tubs so simply close the door, run a bath and turn on the "night light" to transport yourself to nirvana. Encore is opulent, yet tranquil inspiring while soothing. You can tell a great amount of effort went into every detail of this hotel from the training of its staff, the variety of retail shops, the selection of specialty restaurants, the artistry of the unique interior decor, to the natural landscaping of the outdoor and water areas- this property is plain FABULOUS. My hubby and I both found Encore to be SO relaxing that we felt like we had been gone for an entire week rather than just a weekend!

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