Ultimate Travel Destinations: Hoi An by

Journal Notes

You know you love a travel destination when you decide to move there. That was Hoi An for me 3 years ago, and I haven’t grown out of the Old Town since. Hoi An is an ancient port town located on Vietnam’s central coast, only 30 minutes from the city of Da Nang. A major tourist destination in Vietnam, parts of Hoi An are buzzing and swarming with people and other parts are nearly deserted (not including water buffalo). Between the endless acres of green rice paddies and the pedestrian-only mango colored streets, Hoi An has a real mystical charm to it.

The most popular aspect of Hoi An for most is walking through the Old Town where you can shop, eat, drink and soak in the history. This never really grabbed my attention though. What won me over was the kindness and generosity of the local people. Take a ride through the countryside and you’ll be greeted with nothing but smiling faces and helping hands people are always looking to meet you, share with you, and welcome you into their home. I have been to over 10 local weddings and family memorials, eaten countless lunches in homes of people I’d never met before, and the amount of coffees and beers that I’ve been treated to are too many to count. What makes this kindness and generosity so amazing though is the sincerity behind it- never once has anything been asked of me in return.

The people, like the town itself, are truly one of a kind. If there is one travel destination in Vietnam I would say you cannot miss- it would be Hoi An.

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