Victoria Falls by

Journal Notes

While living in South Africa, Victoria Falls became one of my favourite getaway destinations. I would often stay on the Zambia side of the falls (it straddles Zambia and Zimbabwe) since it was a bit more lively – but loved crossing the bridge for a view of the other side. I would often spend a few hours at the falls, hiking around the foot trails that lead you from the top, to the bottom, and around the sides. Watching (insane) bungee jumpers hurl themselves over the covered bridge across the falls was also worth devoting some time too… though I never got the nerve to do it myself.

My favourite time to visit the falls was on the night of a full moon, where the park stays open into the night. While hiking options are restricted (for likely good reason), watching the falls crash down under the light of the moon is unforgettable. Without the bright light, senses are heightened and the sounds and smells of the falls transform the area from its daytime self. With a bottle of wine and a blanket, this is the perfect place to watch the sun go down and take in one of the wonders of the world. Just be warned that viewing the falls at night requires an additional payment on top of the usual entrance fee – WELL worth it, as it totals about $40 at the end of the day.

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