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Welcome to Quebec! The Grand Montreal Visit has Finally Arrived by

Journal Notes

To celebrate her arrival in a new province, Clara and her team have planned a very special visit. The city of Montreal, known as the metropolis of Quebec, is the largest city in the province with a population of 1.6 million. The athlete and her entourage will spend two days in Montreal, the 26th and 27th of March, and will leave the city on the 15th. They will be taking out the big guns with performances by Serena Ryder, Coeur de Pirate and several renowned speakers. The evening will be held in the Bell Centre with its large seating capacity of 21,273 and an incredible size of 780,000 square feet. The community champion Marisol Houle will also take part in the event. Marisol is the Director of Development and Communications at the Mental Illness Foundation of Quebec.

The city of Montreal and all its wonders is very important to me. As a former Brossard citizen, I learned to love long commutes and the feeling of putting my life on the line crossing the Champlain Bridge daily. In all seriousness, the city of Montreal is a wonderful city with an abundance of opportunities. This island is located at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers. Its options of things to do in various locations are unlimited and illustrate the diversity and richness of the city. Montreal is host to several annual festivals and celebrations such as the Francofolies, the Canadian Grand Prix, Osheaga, the Just for Laughs festival, the igloofest, winter carnival and many others. This romantic and classic city is also known for its many fine restaurants and its shopping districts and haute couture. Whatever your interests may be, there is surely something for you in Montreal!

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