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What are some of Clara Hughes Awards? by

Journal Notes

Clara is known for a long list of awards and firsts for women and as a Canadian. Selected awards include winning 6 Olympic medals, 4 in long track speed skating, and two for cycling. She received public recognition as an athlete with a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame and was admitted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. She is a woman who has stood on the platform box and received many awards and trophies.

Clara struggled with depression, drugs and alcohol as a youth before discovering sport. Since then Clara has donated $10,000 to support disadvantaged youth to play sports after winning Olympic gold in 2006. For her contribution as an athlete, as a leader of women in sport, and humanitarian work with at-risk youth, she earned the Order of Canada, the Order of Manitoba, and two honorary degrees. These are some of the highest awards in Canada. She continues now with Clara's Big Ride to bring awareness to mental health issues.

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