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During Clara's Big Ride March 14 - July 1, 2014 Clara Hughes will cycle 12,000km visiting and talking to people in about 100 cities and towns to plant new seeds in the minds of Canadians around what mental health means and to remove the negative stigma.

Clara Hughes was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She had an unstable home life as a child growing up. It was during the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics when she saw Gaetan Boucher explode into action speed skating that inspired her to skate. I believe she saw in him the intensity of emotion she felt in herself. Speed skating created a new focus to combine her emotions with power of the body in action. Razor sharp skating blades, high speed timing calculated with precision rolled into a feat of endurance for a race to the finish. Just the right challenge to bring out the champion in Clara. She was hooked.

Clara was sitting at home watching the 1988 Calgary Olympics when she decided to pursue a new path in life. It led her to become one of Canada's great Olympians.  In what way will you plant a seed and grow to become a hero in your own life as you watch Clara's Big Ride from now until July 1st? Follow my posts on her journey. Create and share your dream with others here on LivingAlpha.

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