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Journal Notes

You have to know someone is doing something right when they can get so many sponsors to support them in their cause. Such is the case for Clara's Big Ride with organizing sponsor Bell Canada. Clara's Big Ride is one of several "Let's Talk" initiatives by Bell Canada.

Through their combined efforts, Clara's Big Ride will bring awareness to mental health topics, fundraising, and will help those interested in connecting to information and programs serving mental health needs across Canada.

It seems natural to have a focus on talking when it comes to mental health. When we talk about our problems and connect with others, we find comfort and feel better. How appropriate to have Canada's major telephone and internet service provider, Bell Canada, sponsor and provide guidance on mental health through Clara's Big Ride.

We are lucky to have such a celebrity like Clara talk about mental health. Many sponsors think so too. For mental health, there are a dozen scientific research and community organizations providing guidance to the project: AmiQuebec, Canadian Medical Association, Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health, Canadian Nurses Association, Channal is the Consumers Health Awareness Network, CASW social workers, Fondation des maladies mentales, Mood Disorders Society of Canada, Native Mental Health Association of Canada, Schizophrenia Society of Canada, UPN, and CMHA.

The Canadian Mental Health Association is a national organization and Clara's first special evening will hosted at CMHA Hamilton on March 14 at 7pm for more info

If you attend, please tell me about the Hamilton event and feel free to share photos.

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