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Why did Clara need some pre-stops on her first official stop – Hamilton? by

Journal Notes

On her Twitter account, Clara Hughes keeps her national supporters updated on the progress of her journey. What was on the agenda today... Taking breaks! For one of the first times in her athletic career, she had to stop several times and even slow down on various occasions! Not for the benefit of the team, but because they rode faster than expected, and Clara, being a perfectionist, wanted to arrive at 5pm, on the dot. And of course, Clara was within the City of Hamilton at exactly 5 in the afternoon.

Upon arriving in Hamilton, Clara stopped at the city’s BMO bank branch. She met hundreds of people taking the time to sign autographs and take pictures with her fans. Looking at her Twitter account for just a few minutes, I saw dozens of messages from supporters thanking Clara for taking the time to talk to them personally. During the evening, Clara was introduced to more people in the city, the community champion and even had time to make an unexpected stop to discuss with the Hamilton police chief Glenn De Caire. All the evening activities were made known of only a few minutes before 7pm. Again on social networks, the director of supportive housing in the region, John Lee, gave us a clue by saying he was eager to remove the stigma in the region with some Zumba. And, in fact, the evening featured a dance class before starting the activities that were already planned.

According to various interesting statistics I found, there are so far, 53,130 posts on social media using hashtags #ClarasBigRide and GrandTourClara. In addition, 115 people made donations to Clara’s foundation.

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