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Habit of Giving

Words From the Founder
Dear Life Enthusiasts:
Welcome to our June edition of Alpha Insights. Can you believe that we are almost half way through the year? Time flies. Are you on track with the goals you set for yourself in January? It is time to take a snapshot and readjust your goals if need be. Remember, that rarely do people get to where they want to go in a straight line. Just think of a pilot flying a plane. His course is never in a straight line. He is always re-calibrating for changes in direction from the wind, bad weather, etc. You are the pilot of your life, so just change or adjust your course.

This said and with summer just around the corner, I know that many of you will start planning your holidays, family BBQs, and hopefully a couple of adventures. Have fun, and along the way, don’t forget to be generous with all the people you will encounter.

The Habit of Giving:

When I say to be generous, I am not talking necessarily about giving money to everybody you come across to on the street, or responding to all the charity pleas you might receive, I am talking about being generous and giving of yourself.

Yes, it is good to help with some financial contributions to worthy causes, but giving a hug to your mother and father more often and telling them you love them will count so much more than any amount of money. Giving someone a hand with a heavy package, giving people you meet on the street a big smile and an enthusiastic good morning, giving someone the right of way at an intersection, giving some of your time to mentor or help, etc. these are all giving of yourself.

Do you see all the opportunities that exist for giving and that do not cost one penny? By giving of yourself, you will be serving and delighting people all around you.

Alphas are givers! They want to help! We all know that what goes around comes around! What you sow, you will reap! After all, at Living Alpha, we are creating a community and alliance of people that are: Living with an - Adventurous, Loving, Positive, Healthy, Attitude. In the long run, we will make an impression on the world and the people around us.

Won’t you please join us on our quest? Join us at NOW!

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Did You Know This Month…

June 1st is National Cancer Survivors Day. Whether you’re a cancer survivor, a family member or a friend to someone who is, take some time to celebrate their major milestone in life.
- - -
Father’s Day is June 15th. Send a card, make a call or visit a dad to honor fathers everywhere for their role in raising children.
- - -
The first Father’s day on record was June 19, 1910. It was created by Washington’s State, Sonora Dodd for his father William Smart. William Smart was a Civil War veteran and raised his six children as a single father. Why June? That was the month of his birthday.
- - -
Summer officially begins this year on June 21, at 6:51 A.M. EDT. It will be the longest day and the shortest night of the year.
Monthly Quote

“Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.”

- Vince Lombardi
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1) Take 30 minutes or an hour to Dream and set goals for yourself in the Dream Section of Living Alpha. (Or revise and add more if this is already done)

Keep saying to yourself:

“I only think big about what I want to do. I only think success and I continually thrive to drive success into my life. I know that this will be contagious and I will be giving out this feeling to those around me.”

2) Just do what you like to do without worrying what others around you are saying. Then, whenever possible, or occasions present themselves, give and be generous of yourself, share and help others.

“I know that whatever I can give and help out with, will in turn, come back to me tenfold”.

3) We need you to share, give out our name and spread the word so that we can do what we set out to do. We have so many plans and ideas, and we need your support.

In order to honor this Habit of Giving and to start the summer out in style, we will be launching a special campaign for those of you that are interested in participating.

1st We will be drawing and giving away some of our award winning signature Beach and Pool Towel/ Tote Bag Combos for every 100 new people that like our Facebook page and sign up on

2nd and for all of you that join us, as well as those of you that are already current Living Alpha Users, we will be giving away a free towel of your choice to the first 100 people that get 50 friends each to join Living Alpha.

On a closing note, and seeing that this month we will celebrate Father’s Day, I would like to make a special shout out to my Father. As many of you will remember reading in our May issue of Alpha Insights, I was fortunate to have been brought up by a stepmother that completely accepted me as her own.

Well, this said, it should go without mentioning that this was because of the great choices my father made. Although I am now an American citizen, I am originally from Canada, and at the time that my father got divorced, he was actually the first man in Canada to get custody of children. He is the one who has made me the way I am and there is no way to explain how grateful I am for all the love and guidance he has given us over the years. So here is to you Dad… Happy Father’s Day with all my love.

Thanks again for joining us. I look forward to seeing you all in July.

In the meantime remember to always Dream Big, and Dream Often.


Alan McBrearty

P.S. I would love to hear any comments or suggestions and can be contacted via email at

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Exercising and Eating Right

Balancing work and life makes it even more difficult to achieve fitness goals and stay on top of your health. Joint and muscle soreness, inactivity and improper nutrition are extra challenges as well, but there are ways to overcome them and make sure you keep living an active and healthy lifestyle.

One good tip is to take a multivitamin every day and to make sure that you limit the consumption of packaged or processed foods by creating meals that last for more than one serving.

Cooking three chicken breasts rather than one is a good idea; one can be added to a salad, another used in a wrap or a sandwich, and the third with a side of steamed vegetables.

It is also important to snack smartly. Choose items such as Greek yogurt, almonds, vegetables, hardboiled eggs, cottage cheese and seeds. Avoid 100 calorie packs and granola bars. Instead go for prewashed, cut fruit and vegetables or prepared bags of seeds and mixed nuts.

You should also choose exercises that maintain fitness while avoiding strain on your back or joints.

Fire Safety Tips

It is vital for any family to have a fire safety plan for their home. Fires can spread in a matter of mere minutes, completely filling a home with deadly smoke. Families need to plan out a fire escape route and then practice it.

One good tip is to draw a map which shows escape routes via windows and doors and it is crucial to prepare two escape routes in the event of a fire blocking one of them.

If smoke has already filled out your home by the time you become aware of the fire, you should get down as low as possible and crawl very quickly to the nearest exit, closing doors behind you as you go.

Family members should be gathered outside the home at a pre-planned meeting place. Stay outside and do not venture back inside the home for any belongings. No object is worth risking your life for.

Children need to be taught the appropriate way to respond to a smoke alarm as well as how they should react to a fire. All family members should know the emergency number for your local fire department.
Weird Science Facts

One single bolt of lightning contains enough energy to toast as many as ten thousand slices of bread.
- - -
A painkiller known as opiorphin, which is six times as powerful as morphine, is contained in human saliva.
- - -
In a room of average size, the weight of air is around one hundred pounds.
- - -
Red blood cells can make a full circuit of your body in just twenty seconds.
- - -
Eleven million bits of information are taken in by the human brain each and every second, but it is only actually aware of just forty.
- - -
Congrats to Our Winner!
We would like to congratulate Debra P. of the New England area. She was the lucky winner of Living Alpha’s Mother’s Day Giveaway last month. She chose the Kick’n Scuba model. We know you will surely love your PTATT Beach Towel Tote Bag Combo!

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Dream It… Live It… Preserve It!!! ® June 2014

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Life is what you make it... We provide the tool box that helps you create it!!!

Stay Healthy While Gardening

Gardening can actually be an excellent workout for the body, but your body may not necessarily be ready for all of the bending, pulling, reaching and twisting involved.

Warming up and cooling down is as vital when gardening as it is with any other form of physical activity and it is crucial to stretch your muscles in order to prevent pain, stiffness and injuries.

Before you start gardening, you should slowly breathe in and out through every stretching exercise and be sure to stretch very smoothly and gently with no jerking or bouncing.

You need to be aware of your form, body technique and your posture when gardening. Avoid twisting motions when you pick up items and make sure you bend your knees and not your back.

Use a scissor stance when raking leaves – put your left foot back and your right foot forward for a couple of minutes and then reverse those positions. Your movements and stance should be alternated on a regular basis.

"Life tends to respond to our outlook, to shape itself to meet our expectations." ~ Rich Devos

That is why at Alpha we like to say that Dreams you set… are Dreams you get.
Just Keep Kick’n It!!! - - - - - -
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