DreamSearch Tool

Dreams, a useful tool that will help you achieve your goals, dreams as a planner. Read more...


Share information with fast multimedia content: text, photos, videos, documents and audio. Read more...


Create an online journal to share with friends, groups and families; and personal notes. Read more...

Create and Manage Personal and Group or Team Dreams to Keep Everyone on Track with Their Goals.

411 Dream Search Tool

The 411 Dream Search Tool is a great planner to help your students set dreams and goals and get them moving towards achieving their dreams and goals. Once they learn how to use this simple Wiki type search tool to find the most relevant information, tips, inspiration and motivation, they will not want to use another planner. Read more...

Ultimate Privacy & Sharing Levels. Don’t just post – Preserve!.Post Once and Share Many. Share to all your Social Networks at the Same Time with just 1 Click.


With just one click, you can quickly share sneak peek pictures and video during a rehearsal with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter as your class prepares for “the big show”. Or send an important message to their parents all with the click of a box. Every Alpha-Bit message you send is automatically added, chronologically, to your Alpha-Autobiography in Living Alpha, making searching for an old post a snap.This includes any pictures, documents, videos and voice messages that you previously shared.

Preserve Important Moments, Milestones, Video and Photos Through this Free Online Journal and Digital Scrapbook.


Staying “Top of Mind” with your members, students, attendees, parents, participants and even your community by keeping a digital scrapbook and sharing individual Journal Entries on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis cannot be any easier.Share memorable moments, experiences, exams, recitals, team events that your class accomplished. You are in control over whom and how you want to share each portion of every Journal Entry using 1, 2 or all 3 sharing levels. For example:

Send Carbon Copies to Everyone All at Once With Relationship Accounts.

Relationship Accounts

Relationship Accounts are a wonderful way to share your class’s progression and success with your younger students and their parents. By creating a Relationship Account for their children, parents will be starting their child’s very own Alpha Autobiography, where any photo or video that you wish to share with them can also simultaneously be added to all accounts as well. Read more...